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Awning FAQs

Have a question about Optimo Awnings? From cleaning to installation, this list might provide you with some insight.

Do I require a building/planning permit?

Maybe. An Optimo Awning below 36m2 in size generally does not require a permit unless the awning attached to a unit or is in the vicinity of a boundary line. We will be able to advise you on whether you require permits once we have conducted an obligation free quote.

If your awning does require a permit, we are able to perform the necessary steps on your behalf.

Am I guaranteed against hail damage?

Yes. Ampelite, the manufacturer of the Sabic Twinwall Sheets used in the manufacture of Optimo Awnings provides a 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty against hail damage (up to 25mm in diameter) and 10 year manufacturer's warranty against excessive loss of light transmission.

How do I wash my Optimo Awning?

You should wash your Optimo Awning aluminium structure with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. We recommend washing the Sarbic Twinwall sheets using only a hose and water. Using chemical cleaners and "wet and forget" solutions may damage the surface of the twinwall polycarbonate. We do not advise using pressure cleaners as these tend to be too aggressive.

How will an Optimo Awning affix to my house?

The structure of an Optimo Awning is manufactured using light-weight Aluminium and affixes to structures using various methods, such as through the fascia into roof framing or face-fixed to masonry/external cladding. If you have polystyrene or hebel bock cladding, talk to our team as this can cause some challenges.

How long does it take to install?

It usually only takes our team a single day to install your awning once manufactured. Larger or more complex awnings may take longer, but you will be informed in advance.

Is a deposit required to lock-in my awning?

Yes. We require a 10% deposit to lock-in the manufacture and installation of your Optimo Awning.